6 episode “And the Winner Is…” !SPOILERS!

Nate G
ВНИМАНИЕ!!! СПОЛЕРЫ 6-го эпизода Легенды о Корре

Since all we got as a sneak preview for next week was this one scene:


The screencap above shows the Krew excited about something they were told in the City Hall. Notice the chairs and arches behind them, the same as the ones in the image below.

DESCRIPTION FOR NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE: “And the Winner Is…” Korra prepares for the pro-bending championship while a sense of danger hovers over the arena.

Mako protects Korra from all three opponents. The trio celebrate a win.


Amon shows up at the arena.

Tahno loses bending?

Tenzin in Bending Arena (notice the windows behind him also in the pro bending image on right.)

Fighting in unknown location.

Krew beneath arena platform.

Mako electrocuted in arena water.

Korra flys out of arena?

Korra waterbends out of arena

Chief Beifong helps Korra out of arena

Korra attacks Amon’s airship


Korra attacks Amon’s henchman

Korra firebends in unknown locations (police headquarters?)

Unknown man with lightning glove

Bolin, Mako, Asami & Korra try to ride Naga all at once, but she dumps them.


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Ваш компас земной -_~
Я иногда не кусаюсь
ооо, тизер! Я его еще не видела! Огненное дыхание это, конечно, круть.

2012-05-09 в 21:26 

теперь банановый
не терпится посмотреть ) в большей степени как Мако защищает ее во время матча

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We never lose our demons. We only learn to live above them (с).
Серия обещает быть очень интересной.


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